Monday, 13 January 2014


As technology advances towards bringing people better lives and more convenience, it also create new problems worth for us pondering over. People of today's age face problems like global warming, addiction etc. As newer and more advanced technology are invented, not only do they come about as one of the pros of technology, they also act as a double edged sword to the people of today's world. Mobile phone apps and games are becoming more and more popular in the market, with many people willing to pay even up to $300 just to unlock a certain character/level. As they are being sucked into the world of android, apple technology etc, teens of our generation are becoming less and less sociable with the people around them, often hanging around their computers and laptops just to keep in touch with their friends or continue their games. Researchers have, through a recent study, that people who stay online tend to be more depressed than people who have an outgoing lifestyle. This tells us that most teenagers who spend their time online are affected by negative thoughts on online webpages and influence their thoughts on themselves (More often towards the unhealthy side). This psychological effect would be reduced if the teenagers would spend more time with their friends and families and build and maintain healthy relationships instead of spending more than half their time on the internet.

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