Monday, 13 January 2014

Too reliant on technology

Nowadays, as technology improves, more people are too reliant on technology. People are often seen with electronic gadgets in their hands, be it music players, smart phones, or tablets. 
People are so engrossed, that even 'family time' is defined as the entire family sitting together but each on their electronic gadgets. This behavior has become so common that even children as young as 2 years old, can be seen using gadgets. Although this is not wrong as some games are designed to educate the younger generation, they sometimes take it too far. What we are focusing on would be the fact that when supposed to be having a meal as a family, everyone can be seen focusing on their gadgets instead of eating. 
The aim of solving this issue is to allow families to take time to step out of their fast paced lives and spend more quality time with their families, improving relationships and allowing then to realize that there actually is a life outside this digital world. 

~ Myat Noe and Chelsea 

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