1. Introductions

1. Statement of our problem (Framing our research topic) :

Our research topic is "measuring the lethal effects of UV rays on skin cancer". We chose this area of study as the Earth's temperature is increasing with a higher amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. This causes global warming, removing the layer of atmosphere that's protecting us from harmful sun rays like UV rays. The side effects of the depletion of UV rays does not just stop here. the Earth's temperature will continue to rise steadily, leading to global warming and a rise in sea levels and temperature. When the ice glaciers melt, the inhabitants of the North and South pole then will lose their home.
              This is still not the end yet. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will lead to harmful skin diseases like cancer and it may be fatal to one's health if not treated properly. Yearly, over 8000 people have died from contracting skin cancer, and the number has been doubled over the last 3 decades. Cancer is hard to treat and also expensive. Also, the cancer cells spread and undergo cell division almost twice as fast than normal cells. It will ultimately be spread to the healthy organs, pulling one's health down. As a result, many death have been reported.
             We'd like to research on the lethal effects of UV rays on skin cancer and thus, ultimately help reduce the skin cancer rates by reporting our data and conclusion, coming up with measures to prevent skin cancer to improve one's lifestyle.

2. Research Objectives:

1. What is the purpose of this research? 

2. What kind of information do we hope to achieve? 
3. How are we going to collect data? 
4. How will the information be communicated to our audience? 
5. How will this benefit society? 

  1. The purpose of this research is to study and have a deeper understanding of skin cancer, its causes, symptoms and treatment etc. 
  2. We hope to achieve statistics of skin cancer incidence rates as well as UV index rates all around the world and how the data collected are interrelated. 
  3. We hope to collect data from already available sources like the internet journals and websites that can aid us in our findings
  4. This will benefit society as it will raise the awareness of skin cancer and how to prevent them.

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