5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of Findings  

In conclusion, we have found out that UV rays do in fact affect the rate of Skin Cancer. From our research and data we have gotten, we can therefore infer that the UV index is directly proportionate to skin cancer incidence rates in the various regions and continents. Prolonged exposure to UV rays may lead to skin cancer which is fatal to the health of the patient. 

5.2 Practical Applications

We should refrain from going outdoors when the UV index is high. If need be, we should always apply sunblock to shield ourselves from the harmful rays. From the bar chart we generated. it is evident that the high the UV index, the higher the chances of skin cancer. Always take the necessary precautions when going outdoors with immense heat as there might be a higher chance of a high UV index. Staying in the shade, wearing hat and/or sunglasses, putting on sun blocks with high SPF, and avoiding tanning for prolonged periods at the beach (Our studies have found out that coastal areas/regions has higher UV index than non coastal regions) will reduce chances of getting skin cancer. 

Also, having flat, tinted UV protection film on windows of rooms, cars etc. will help lessen the amount of UV ray penetrating through the glass and reaching us. Not only does it prevent 99.9% of UV radiation, it also allows only 80% of light to pass through the glass, making the room less glaring. This can also prevent UV radiation in the eye, which may ultimately lead to permanent blindness.  

5.3 Areas for further study

We would like to expand our research by observing different areas, the different rates of specific types of skin cancer to further improve our conclusion. Also, we would like to focus on collecting data from each of the seasons instead of collecting the annual UV average as the annual average would affect our data, due to the great difference between UV index of the different seasons. We would also like to focus on the specific variables, like the gender and the age group for our research.

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